Strongbonds Polyseal Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001 : 2008 accredited company founded in August 1990. The company with its technocrat management and specialist team, is engaged in manufacturing UPR (Unsaturated Polyester Resins), Synthetic Thermoset Resins used in FRP Component manufacturing...... more....
Casting synthetic resin has become the material of choice in products used in our daily lives, particularly in kitchen and bath. Additionally, Cast Polymers are used in many critical applications because of their strength, corrosion resistance, stain resistance & aesthetics.

Button grade resin is nother field of application where our daily used buttons are made from some special grade of resin.By applying the most advance centrifugal casting technique, resin filler & additive mixture is being converted into high aesthetic value bottoms.

Again our special synthetic resins are used for making different kind of repairing putty applications. Metal refinish, car body repairing are a few examples to quote here.

Fiber reinforced Plastic (FRP) has already taken a commendable position in the manufacturing and service industry. Right from Pipes and Poles to Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Modular structure, Railway and automobile components, FRP is recognized for its strength, corrosion and stain resistance substance. Resin used in FRP products plays pivotal role in building various FRP products. Various grades and categories of Resin manufactured by Strongbonds Polyseal Pvt. Ltd. is used in the FRP industry. more...
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